Meet Marcelo

Cattery Hedgemon

Hi, my name is Marcelo and I am the owner of Capitalist cats and Canines. I am a passionate libertarian and adamant advocate for capitalism. The names of my Alaskan Klee Kai puppies and Bengal kittens are usually names of prominent libertarians or figures related to libertarian culture.

I hope you like our puppies and kittens, we are sure they will love you back! Our Klee Kai puppies are raised in Nuevo León, Mexico and our Bengal kittens are raised in Washington, DC. In case you would like to come take a look, give us a call or a send us an email.

Meet Anna

Chief Kitten Wrangler, Social Media Manager, and Webmaster

When Anna was growing up she never wanted a pony, she wanted a cat. Her first cat was a gray Calico named Thunder Bug, and she has owned many cats since.

When Marcelo asked Anna about working for the Capitalist Cats Cattery, Anna remembered the magic of getting her first kitten and wanted to share that magic with others looking for a Bengal kitten to join their family. Anna hosts kittens for the Capitalist Cats Cattery and runs the Instagram, Facebook, and website, where she blogs about everything you need to know about keeping your Bengal cat healthy and happy.